We think that every event should have live entertainment. Perhaps we are in this music industry where we have found the incredible impact live music can have during an event, be it during a corporate function or wedding dinner.

However, there are instances where live music is not an option. We compiled how to setup a song list to keep your guests happy through the event.

1: Hire a DJ

It is really not that diffcult. A DJ package usually cost S$1,200.00 and it comes with literally everything. The mixer, a dedicated DJ to spin for 4 hours, speakers and a library of songs so vast that you will be spoilt for choice.

2: Spotify

Streaming is truly the future. You get your hands on (almost) unlimited music tracks apart from Taylor Swift songs at only S$9.90 a month. When the event is over, you could use the remaining 29 days to listen on your devices ad-free.

Download Spotify

3: The (new) Apple Music

Apple takes an idea and make it incredible simple for everyone to use. Hot on the heels of Spotify, Apple recently released the Apple Music + Beats 1 with a free 3 months trial. After your trial, you can choose whether to renew as a Single Membership (S$9.98 per month) or your family (we think friends too) of 6 can enjoy at S$14.98.

Check out: Apple Music

4: Conventional Brick and Mortar Shops

Traditional CD shops such as THAT CD Shop are a rarity in Singapore. With purchasable music from iTunes and streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, it is no doubt that you do not find many shops offering traditional CDs.

However, like the Dragon Playground, you may find going through stacks of your beloved artiste in the CD aisle brings back those ‘good old days’. Besides, we should always support businesses before our sons and daughters wonder what on earth is HMV.

Anyone remember Tower Records?

HMV @ Marina Square
That CD Shop

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