Wedding proposals are an absolute delight to be in. We got a call from the W INSIDER asking for a live band to perform for a guest of the W Hotel who is going to propose at the Lighthouse in the W Hotel.

Taking into consideration of the small venue and the number of guests involved (it was just 2 pax), we recommended ROMANCE consisting of a Keyboardist and a Flutist. The band do not require any sound systems and the instruments are fairly portable.

The proposal will take place when the band performs the seventh song; Marry Me by Train. Follow through the pictures for the exciting evening!


SKIRT in the W Hotel are famed for their steaks. Needless to say, they provided the dinner for the evening.


We hear there are a number of proposals happening at the Lighthouse. Well, if you will like live music or photography, simply drop us an email or a call.

We have some amazing ideas to share with you on how to make that proposal special.


All Set! Initially, we were going to hide the wedding ring behind the roses.

After consideration that the ring may be easily found, Stefan Ye (Our Music Concierge and Photographer) decided to help safekeep the ring in his camera bag.


Parry Yap on Keyboard and Terry Ang on Flute.

W INSIDER Cara Loh made sure no details were left out and arranged for flower petals on her own accord to ensure her guests are well taken care of!


And finally, the proposal ring.

(Which girl can say no to that?!)

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