Have you ever looked at your iTunes library and stumped by the overwhelming number of songs to choose for your march in? Here’s some tips to help you decide:

(1): Choose your genre.
I will always start with what genre is preferred. For the conventional, classical for the First March In is always a fail-safe option. For the more adventurous, Pop or even Rock. There are no lines except for the ones you draw (and taking in consideration of your family).

(2): Tempo.
Really simple. Fast, medium or slow. Whatever song is chosen and regardless of the tempo, your walk in should be comfortably slow.

(3): Significance.
Is there a song that relates to the both of you? How about a song that reminds the both of you of that particularly sweet proposal or special occasion?

Our take will be for the First March In song to be a song of grandeur and moderately slow. This allows the couple to walk glamorously and the photographers to capture that picturesque moment. For example, a modern interpretation of ‘Bridal March’ by Jonathan Cain is a great song to walk in to. Great build up intro followed by an all-familiar tune. Listen here:


3 really simple tips but it does go some way to assist you in making the best choice for the song that you will remember for the rest of your lives. Remember, just no ‘Party Rock Anthem’.

Next up, some pointers for the First Dance.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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