A wedding celebration is not complete without wine and for most wedding packages signed up with hotels, each table will come with a complimentary bottle of wine.

That means, if you are inviting 30 tables, there will be 30 bottles of complimentary wine.

However, if you realized that each table has 8 to 10 guests (sometimes 11 guests to a table), a bottle of wine may not be sufficient. In case you are wondering, each bottle will serve 4 to 5 glasses, depending on the amount poured.

So, at Compass Entertainment, our Year 2011 Wedding Top Tip (WINE CATAGORY) will be the best place to purchase good, affordable wine.

Carrefour Singapore

Carrefour (located at both Suntec City Tower 4 and Plaza Singapura) has a great selection of wine, and most are relatively affordable. A good price range will be starting from S$25 per bottle to S$35 per bottle. You can get a slightly more expensive wine for your VIP table (from S$55.00 onwards).

The French supermarket offers free delivery with purchases above S$150.00 (that’s really easy to achieve) and you can choose from an array of red, white, sparkling, moscato and so on.

And for a limited period of 12th December 2011 till 25th December 2011, there is a wine fair right at the Atrium of Plaza Singapura. That means prices further slashed. And even if you are not holding a banquet, there is enough reason for you to stock up for the festive season.

So Merry Christmas to all of you and have a jolly good time selecting wine for your big day.

Note: We are not endorsed by Carrefour . This Top Tip is part of our promise to bring the best advice to our couples.

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