Now the linens are set and full steam ahead for the wedding celebration, there is a small column on your spreadsheet that is highlighted in red.

First Dance:

If you are one of the brave ones attempting this, here are some tips to get you started.

Waltz, Cha Cha or Something romantic? Deciding on the genre is the fundamental step in choosing your first dance.

Live or CD?
What betters to usher in the dance with a live band. They can trim the song down to an effective duration (Tip: not longer than 75 seconds) and it sounds awesome. If Sweet Child Of Mine happens to be your all time favorite song, always go for CD unless this is your band.

Easy To Learn:
There is a thousand and one things to do and you should not spend too much time practicing. Basic waltz is easy to pick up and here are some dance studios that offers dance classes)

DanceThrob RpMerleon
LEOANN Design Studio
Dance Arts

Rope In Your Friends
Share that special moment with your partner. Then get your friends to join you on the dance floor and let’s party!

Have FUN!
Don’t be too stressed out on the perfect choreography. Enjoy the moment and you both will look spectacular on the photos.

Last but not least, we think these songs are great for you to get started:

Moon River by Louis Armstrong 

All Of Me by John Legend 

Blue Danube Waltz 

Sway by Michael Buble 

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